The VMA® (Vertebral Motion Analysis) is a game-changing spinal imaging technology for

personal injury.

It has been shown to be one of the most accurate, specific, sensitive, and reliable ways to evaluate the spine and spinal injuries.


Controlled, Quantitative, and Objective

  • Controlled Motion - Bolstered & guided motion improves sensitivity and maintains specificity.

  • Reduced Radiation Setting - Pulsed fluoro (8 frames per second) proven accurate and repeatable.

  • Less Total Radiation - 25% less radiation compared to a four view flexion/extension x-ray series.

  • Includes Classic Flexion/Extension - For comparison and calculation.

  • Stabilization & Detailed Views - Isolates individual vertebral levels to get both quantitative and visual information. Any caudal vertebral body can be stabilized for assessment.

  • Quantified Output - report of spinal motion, repeatable, independent.

  • Data - Spine Journal 2013 Runner Up Paper of the Year.

  • Generally covered by insurers.


Uncontrolled, Qualitative, and Subjective

  • Uncontrolled Motion.

  • Higher Radiation Settings - High level fluoro.

  • More Total Radiation - has never been quantified.

  • Does Not Include Classic Flexion/Extension.

  • Not Stabilized.

  • No Detailed View Available.

  • No Quantified Output - No standard reporting, only motion.

  • Data - Limited.

  • Generally Not covered by insurers.

Breakthrough Technology

FDA Cleared

501(k)  K172327

VMA® and Motion Normalizer Regulatory Class: II Product Code: LLZ as medical devices demonstrated as “Substantially Equivalent” fulfilling the 501 (k) review process and do not require a premarket approval application or “approval”.

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